Break it down

by amrev2

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released March 13, 2006



all rights reserved


amrev2 Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Amrev 2 is a musical discussion about freedom and truth and anarchy as a destination for mankind to live equally with each other and our planet

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Track Name: What's up!
What's up, whatcha going through cuz i've been trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with you.
What's up whatcha going through, i've been trying to figure out exactly what is wrong with me!

Days like these are complicated.
People end up super jaded.
But that's not for me and you.
I tell you what were gonna do.
Search and find some sanity.
When friends are just like enemies.
Stop and realize yourself,
this is better for your health.
Make a choice and stick with it.
Decide if you are gonna quit.
Time is yours so don't be late.
And never fucking hesitate.
Fake is not an option now.
Be you cuz only you know how.
Free is something that we need.
Look real hard and you might see!
Track Name: Don't Give Up
Don't give up, just live to be free
Ideals are more important than messed up society
They say I am a dreamer, that just means I'm out of reach
From the brainwashing that they try to teach
No matter what they do, the people see right through
NO matter how they hide, we'll find the truth in lies
No matter what they do, the people will see right through
No matter how they hide, we'll find the truth in lies
And not matter what they do, THE TRUTH IS COMING THROuGH
So go get yours, cuz I'm out getting mine
When every body get their share we'll all be feeling fine
Diversity is true with nature and it's also true for man
Science can explain it but it's not the master plan

So don't give up, just live to be free
Ideals are more important than messed up society
They say I am a dreamer it just means I'm out of reach
Of the brainwashing that they try to teach
Lets go!
Track Name: Ballot
This war sucks
What the Fuck?
Maybe we should give it up!
Stop all the tyranny

Maybe the kids will make better choices
Than their parents as we raise our voices
Resistin against a system that tears us apart
When elections are fiction
Time to make a new start

By the ballot
By the bullet
By the bible
Or the gun
Any which way
Track Name: Break it down
What is it you want to know and where is it your racing to?
I say who exactly do you love and when do you think
that you will find happiness? let's get down to it.
Can we get back what was lost or build a strong house on top of a sandhill?
Innocence will not return but she was our first teacher.
so let's get down to it.

The time has come to figure out what is important.
Let's sort it out.
Feel free to talk amongst yourself, it's your world too, so what the hell.
Sometimes I want to scream and shout, don't blame me it's not my fault.
So much pressure I can feel it.
No matter how much T.V. tries to conceal it!

Pollution comes in many forms, American way it is the norm.
Whatever happened to our water, remember when it snowed in winter.
Go to church, attend a school and learn how to become their fool.
As for me I'll take inspiration, the opposite of education.
So let's get down to it

Segregated, class divided. Will we ever be united?
Maybe under industries and smog producing factories.
My vote counts so listen up the majority just thinks you suck.
The government it makes no sense, it's centering on it's own defense.
And never the peoples interest.

Track Name: No more war
We have a chance and a choice today.
To reject all the hatred that we're fed daily.
Mother's are crying cuz their babies are dying.
And somebody's lying about reality.
But the bombs still fall and the people build walls.
I think it has to do with nationalities.
Then it can't be good let's build a brotherhood,
above the flags and the colors that they say are good.

Weapons and killing never solved andy problems,
only left more for the ones that remain.
And I know one day that the people will say,
we were mad for treating each other this way.

You send your sons and daughters off to fight
and to kill for oil and you think it's alright!
It's not alright or just fine with me, when we kill our own
freakin families.
You must not think they're as human as you.
The T.V. told you so and now you know it's true.
It makes me sick and it makes me sad and it makes me more than a little bit mad.
Track Name: primitive
I'm a primitive, that's just who I am!
I hate the money and the system and the whole damn scam.
It makes us weaker and more watered down.
While the greed gets stronger and it drives us in the ground.
This is our planet, from which we came.
The earth came first and the earth it will remain.
We are the anger, of the land itself.
When you rip her and you gouge her but don't know what life's about.

Resistance increasing.
Your system is failed and weakening.
Full throttle, no control,
can hold us back or stop us now!
Track Name: barefeet
I can't respect your band.
You guys don't even try.
To say a single concious thing.
It's like your not alive.
The living god gave you a voice,
and you wasted it for sure.
I know music is a mission
not a competition.
I don't care about your jewelry
and I don't care about your clothes.
Poor people can't afford that shit
and everybody knows,
that timberlands are real nice shoes.
But what about barefeet,
that broken glass cuts easily'
when you're out there on the streets.

At night I can't feel alright.
When all I see is suffering and crime.
I tell you that's no life,
for anyone to live.
I know we got more love to give.

I blame uncle sam,
cuz he's lucifer himself.
Put money on our minds
and now all we think about is wealth.
I've seen a great big scam right here
and now I hope you see it too.
If not let me beat this in your ears
till your face turns black and blue

Cuz sometimes I can't feel nice.
When all I've seen is suffering and crime.
I tell you that's no life,
for anyone to live.
And I know we got more love to give
Track Name: when you lose everything
I woke up this morning with a funny little feeling.
I can't explain it there is no sense in trying.
Your gone and I feel free,
what's more important is you can't hurt me anymore.
I've seen your jealousy and your misery,
that's why I don't want to be your company.
When nothing's funny except how seriously
your fucked up my friend.

What's gonna happen when you lose everything?
It's coming true, I know everyone needs an identity.
So what's so wrong with being you?

Last night we talked and I ran into your wall again.
Your always giving me a funny funny feeling,
like there's something your not telling me.
What could it be, set it free.
Things must be getting heavy man.
As it turns out you're only lying to you.
Other people see through
and dude I gotta tell the truth.
It's fuckin pathetic, there I said it
and I won't regret this.

Track Name: world's dying
The world's a dying place,
make not mistake it's in your face.
The corporation raped and destroyed your mother.
They say they're searching for the answer
to a better life.
California silicone we need to rely on.
They say they figured out what we need,
what we're about.
The human family is still searching for identity.

We cannot live forever
but we must live together.

Modern man's not so civilized
and I just realized.
The corporations cooperate,
to destroy our lives.
Maybe it's my own freakin fault,
for ever shopping at their gaps.
No longer will I be abused,
poor people take your power back.

I only know what I am taught.
I only want things that can be bought.
I was born to be hypnotized.
My entire foundation was built on lies.
repeat verse 1
Track Name: what would you do?
What would you do if everything you tried to do
just fell apart?
Would you just quit and throw it in
on everything important to you?
Let's go!

Friends may come and go
just like people that you know.
But it's music that can see you through.
People change their face.
That's just games that people play.
To yourself you can be true.
Track Name: one thing I know
one thing that I know is that I don't know nothing,
but I wanna learn before I die.
There's got to be a reason, why we need to be together,
in love being truthfull.
No one likes being lied right to their faces,
but you'll say those same old things
and do those hurtfull things until it makes me wanna say.
(repeat fast)

Everybody thinks that no one can make a difference,
are they just too scared to try?
I smashed my T.V. and I buried the remote,
because I don't wanna lay down and die,
and learn lies!

We people are all one the same no matter where
we're from.
City, country, mainland, island, sharing one bright sun.
Don't be fooled by politicians, whose jobs are division.
They only care about elections, money, drugs and guns.
Don't be dumb.

Everybody says america the home of the free,
you gotta be kidding me.
In 26 almost 27 years I haven't seen much of that
freedom around here.
My parents told me when I'm all grown up
is when things get tough.
Well fuck that system.
Burn elections, burn divisions, burn economic and racial