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we recorded this entire album in 2 days @ Brian J. Anthony's in catasaqua pa, check him out he rules, we have other releases but right now you have to catch a live show to buy them, we'll have them up here pretty soon


released April 20, 2009

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all rights reserved


amrev2 Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania

Amrev 2 is a musical discussion about freedom and truth and anarchy as a destination for mankind to live equally with each other and our planet

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Track Name: Taco Hell
We are here to fight against inequality.
Cuz we are the true sons of life and liberty.
Not the kind that you'd find in the white house today.
But the kind that you'd find in an indians grave.
He was brave but he lost not the cause but the war.
And the killing never ended but just spread,
shore to shore.
Until everyone was safe and the savages were dead,
with their tattoos and their piercings and their mohawks and their dreads oh yeah.(repeat fast)

Five hundred years later and theres still a tribal war!
With the guys in suits working to steal every resource.
Maybe genocide has worked but there must be a better way, to have equal rights and justice for ALL in our modern age!
The warriors are back with different names and different faces.
Who are happy to be their parents disgraces!
Mom and Dad are predjudiced! I'm glad that isn't me!
In two or three more hundred years,
we can all be Free!
What's wrong with these people?!
I think their brains are dead.
They hate our tattoos and our piercings and our mohawks and our dreads!
Track Name: Freaks
Punk rockers and goth kidz yeah they're all the same to me.
And hippies with their patchwork clothes they stink like patchouli.
We're All Freaks, we're just freaks.
We don't conform to society.
We're all freaks, we're just freaks.
We don't care what people think.
We don't go around and care all day,
what people are gonna say.
People are stupid animals that the T.V. shapes like clay.
What's the fascination with these shiny things that blink?
People are stupid animals don't you think?
Track Name: Poppy Dependency
Ease off man, just cool and let go.
I know that times can get tough but I just want you to know.
I got your back friend, in this life or the next.
But I don't want you to go so just give this life a chance.
Forget that heroine, that stuffs been messin you up.
You take that stuff too far and then your heart stops to pump!
Don't do this to yourself and your family and friends.
We're all in this together no matter what may change.

I really gotta know. What is it gonna take,
for you to break these chains because it's your life at stake.
This is no joke man. Your making the wrong choice,
you stick that needle in and you give up your own voice.
Your selling yourself so short. Remember the little kid
you were.
That is still inside you and that still wants to live.
So open up your eyes, cuz your still here today.
But that addiction, affliction, it wants to take you away!

This is the part of the song, where we break it all down.
And we don't mean the music.
But this problem we found.
In our nation people suffer often times needlessly.
For this topic we picked the poppy dependency.
About 10 years ago is when it came to my town.
Before that time period that stuff was barely around.
It makes us wonder what happened to get us to place.
We have ideas and theories but the truth must be faced.
Someone's importing this shit to sedate all the youth,
they don't want us thinking but let's uncover the truth.
Of a system that would kill us or put us in jail.
Unless you are the white people with diplomas from yale.
Free is just something we're not so let's stop kidding ourselves.
Cuz we are punching their clocks and they train us with bells.
Let us demand the truth, when they feed us their lies!
This Is the Revolution that they don't want televised!
Track Name: Straight Outta Hell
It came straight outta hell like you wouldn't believe.
It was that mothafuckin message on my t.v. screen.
All the pornographic images are so obscene.
I took a holy water shower but I couldn't get clean.
So i turned out the lights and I crawled into bed.
But when i closed my eyes things were burned in my head.
It's all these things that we see, make us lose innocence.
And when we cross that bridge we can't return again.
So I sprang to my feet cuz I had a new plan.
Get an amp, guitar a cord and start a band.
Make music with a message and play it all across the land.
Rock it loud and clear so they can understand.

We're on a sinking ship headed straight for a cliff.
I took a hit from the spliff just to get a small lift.
It was a remedy a melody a precious gift.
And when it hits my head this bullshit can't exist (repeat)
Track Name: Redneck Punx Suck Balls
If your posing punk rock just to be a fuckin drunk,
trade your leather jacket in cuz that shit fuckin sucks.
YOU don't have to drink to be down,
to think that you must be a clown.
I'm not straight edge but I know one fact.
Alcoholics are about as cool as crack.
To me it's about living free,
from the chains of this society.
Anarchist symbols on anarchist clothes.
Monkey wrench the violent system wherever you go.
It doesn't matter if your 10 or 81.
Don't look to start fights just look to start fun!

Take your tough guy ways and your macho bullshit.
Go join a boxing club and stay out of our pits.
I bet you would make a good cop.
Pull your pistol out and make it go pop pop.
You smack your girl and you fight your friends.
You can't stop the youth, thats where your bullshit ends.
Your less punk rock and your more redneck.
Trade your blitz t-shirt for a lynrd skynrd vest
You rock a mohawk supporting native culture,
don't be so quick to drink that liquor.
One of the tools to conquer indians.
The very same tool is killing me and my friends.

You prey on the misguided youth!
You give them beer instead of truth!
Misery loves company,
you've got 2 eyes but you're not free!
Uncle sam he loves your type.
Slave 9-5 then drunk all night.
Alcohol is crowd control.
Give them your cash, give them your soul!
Track Name: Gimme Da Weed
This is a song about the greatest of plants.
It's been around since before the time of humans.
Ever since mankind first discovered it,
no sweeter taste has ever come to satisfy this itch.
It taught us to think and it taught us to sing.
It showed us the invisible and the spiritual things.
So gimme the weed yeah show me the herb,
to try and stop this if just freakin absurd.
This connection dates back to prehistory.
Before we spoiled the land and defiled the seas.
Nobody on this planet will ever get me to stop,
not the president or the clergy or some nazi ass cop.
You see people will fear what they don't understand.
And they have always hated the peacefull lion,
We are just soldiers, fighting for peace.
We humbled ourselves and found salvation
in this simple leaf yeah.

Gimme the weed yeah show me the herb yeah (repeat)
gimme the weed yeah let's smoke some herb yeah
gimme the weed yah let's grow our herb yeah.

So long we've been stuck here yeah under a spell.
Criminalizing good people and sending them to jail.
What's so offensive and so terribly wrong,
with smoking a blunt yeah or hitting the bong?
Cigarettes give you cancer and alcohol makes you dumb.
When you put that together it's like a loaded gun.
So let's bring back the magic of this cannabis plant.
Because it opens our eyes a way these other things can't yeah!
Track Name: Pledge of Unallegiance
I pledge my unallegiance to the killers and the greedy.
Who make their meal out of the needy,
take their fill and leave us bleeding.
Flags are made for burning
to give some light when there's confusion.
They're only symbols and man don't need them.
Too many have died them, who can't see this?
The corporations rake it in while the soldiers
both sides just die for them.
Because killing is their business and business is good.
This perverted fact must be well understood!

It's not too hard to figure out.
We went to public school,
and you fed us crap.
First let's rise and say the pledge.
A brainwashed young mind gives you the edge.
Send us to fight and off to death.
Like the ancient rome there is no difference.
Military might forced existence,
upon everyone on the PLANET!

pledge my unallegiance yes i pledge my unallegiance.
I've always pledged my unallegiance yes i'll pledge my unallegiance, whoa oh-oh oh. (repeat)

What's right for you is wrong for me.
We're different branches of the family tree.
Motherfuck your rule of law.
What's good for one is not good for all.
Natural born killers is what you say.
Then how come I don't feel that way?
What would we do without police?
Maybe we could finally have some peace!
Track Name: Rockers Reggae Remix
You better watch the way you walk when in this babylon town.
You better watch the way you look or they won't want you around.
You better mind the things you speak,
they might use them against you.
Mind the man you friend,
for it may come back to haunt you
One day we'll rise and see, that everything is everything
and not one thing is pointless.

You can see a mans face but not what is inside his heart.
This whole of vanity is a sickness you see and that's
where trouble starts.
Psychology, manipulation are the tools being used agianst you.
Destroy your ego first and then your phoenix it will rise too!
One day we'll rise and see, that everything is everything and not one thing is pointless.
Track Name: World Wide Negativity
I don't think I can take anymore,
of this worldwide negativity.
I'm pushing that shit right out the door.
Because it's been really buggin me.
The pressure level is starting to soar.
I can feel this almost everywhere.
The kidz have come to settle the score.
They're gonna strip this system until it's fuckin bare, whoa!

You can see it.
You can feel it.
You can smell it in the streets.
It's a fucked up system dying.
And it's rotting in the heat,
of a global warming planet,
where the seas are turning red,
from the blood that's in the oceans,
from the dying and the dead.
No need to write it or record it.
We can see it going down.
In every city of the earth
and every god forsaken town.
The subway prophets tried to warn us.
But we couldn't use our eyes.
We'll see it when we're swimming,
cuz the ocean's on the rise.
Track Name: So Many People
So many people in the world today.
Confused, abused and being led astray.
I say let's come together and make a new day.
A new start, change direction.
We have gone the wrong way.
Life is what you make it.
It's your choice to choose.
Someone else choose,
me say that's when you lose.
Time is so short,
we don't got time to snooze.
Meditate, celebrate
walk in someone else shoes.

I know things are looking bleak.
But they could always get better.
What gives us this hope?
Probably all of the pot that we smoked.(repeat)

So don't let the evil forces get you down.
The sun seems to shine whenevery your around.
Your strength is so great but you can't see it now.
How could you my friend,
you've been used and shot down.
A slap in the face, like a kick in the teeth.
You can't stop now,
cuz your in this too deep.
Tatooed in your brain like the ink in your skin.
Submission is no option, you're in this to win.
Track Name: Bring Us Together
Bring us together, whatever the weather.
We can feel much better.
And it seems like forever.
Since we've had this vibe here.
It brings on the good cheer.
Like friends drinking cheap beer
and smoking some reefer.

Call the whole crew cuz were having a party!
We need lots of beer here so bring extra money.
And if you bring weed here make sure you bring plenty!
We're planning on having some fun tonight.
And if you got love then everything is alright.
Cuz we're the unity crew so you better not fight.
But just in case that you do
your getting tied up real tight.
Then you go in the trunk
and we're taking a ride.
Cuz we don't need any cops here,
to ruin the vibe.
We don't call the police man!
We know what to do!
So all you boneheads take warning,
from the Unity Crew.

Everyone is here and they're gettin along.
I see joe from no service and he's hittin a bong.
Cuz we are down in the cave yeah
where anarchy reigns.
We don't got no divisions
to cloud up our brains.
Justin arsenals drummer is chuggin a funnel.
Pope fiction Ted is givin Sara lovins.
Captain random is busy,
skankin the groove.
When you call Slightly Aksew,
yeah they know what to do.
Ian from the scene
yeah he's gettin with chicks.
And all these street punker kidz,
are much more than a clique.
This is a D.I.Y. scene,
and you don't gotta fit in!
Leave your self conciousness home
and let this party begin.
Track Name: Something to Live for
I know we all got something to live for.
Some divide, some unify, some won't try, some wanna kill, kill, kill.
We play our cards, our roles in life that we are dealt.
We do our best our worst our most and that's a humans curse and blessing.
We can't deny that their is something inside
that each one knows from when we grow,
it tells us so and who we are supposed to be.
A family whose members vary like grains of sand.
Although we're seperate, we are like fingers
on the same hand.
We'll make a fist and then we'll smash these fucking
Who give our planet nothing but contamination.
A billion voices calling out for human rights and justice.
Your techno-garbage way of life
it just disgusts us.
Too many years we have been living without truth.
It's to the point that we can never trust your proof.
Countries hold slaves captive living on concrete plantations.
Money is their god but to the poor he brings no salvation.

We gotta make way for the new U.S.A.
No more hedgemony because we've seen
that it's a mistake.
We can't fake it like everything is OK.
Because of millions that are starving with no food on their plate.